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Our wildcard is a feature that helps dealers find certain parts that are not listed with our service. Even though we have well over 2,000,000 numbers listed, we do not have everything. After you have determined your needed item(s) is not listed and you have tried sourcing elsewhere and still cannot locate an item then we encourage you to send out a wildcard message to our user customers. This can be done when inquiring on a part number that is not found. When a part is not found, you will see an option to click here, which takes you to a form page showing your defaulted part number(s) you searched on. Complete the form(s) and post your message. Note: This same wildcard form can be found by clicking on Post, at the wildcard section.

Note: When the user opts to fill out the wildcard for posting, the program looks at the Salvage Center for this make and model and keys on the first four digits of the posted model and displays all models within this range and displays them for this user to see. This lets the user know that a good user part may be available via the Salvage Center.

Many dealers have had success in locating an item through this wildcard process. It may be that the item you need is in another dealers stock, but not listed in our service because it is a stock item that they regularly sell.

In addition, it may be that a sharp parts person might know a usable replacement part that will work for your needed item. For instance, maybe you need a special hydraulic hoseā€¦that you already know cannot be made locally. But a user customer of ours may know of another hose with a spring guard that will work. You may not need the spring guard but being able to locate a part that will work gets you out of a bind.

Perhaps you need a hydraulic pump you cannot locate and maybe a user customer of ours is familar with another pump that is the same, if the end-housing is turned 180 degrees making the inlet and outlet opposite. Perhaps you need a starter motor for a diesel engine but none are available and you have no core to rebuild. However, there is another starter that is the same if the end housing is turned 180 degrees, which changes the part number that a customer of ours may know and can help you. Note: The hose, pump and starter examples actually happened and sales made. Both the buyer and sellers benefited by using the wildcard feature.

When a user(s) searches for a part that is not found and the user is then taken to the page where a wildcard message can be filled out, then note that after filling out the form and Posting it, we will then display any Salvage Center (SC) listing for the first 5 digits of the Make and Model shown on the wildcard message. This will let the user know if a used part might be available, if new is not found. The user can click on the Models shown to see these SC listings.

Note: Some companies may prefer that wildcard messages only show MFGs they can make money on. (MFGs they are authorized to distribute). This can be done by clicking on Filters on the wildcard section, next to the Post link. If this is an option you like then click on radial button next to: Display ONLY Wildcards from the following MFGs. Then click on the drop down arrow and choose each MFG that you are authorized to distribute. The MFG(s) selected will appear on this page. Each selected MFG can be deleted by clicking on the name.

NOTE: Many users have ask for alerts to be sent to them when a new wildcard message has been posted. They want this feature because they are not always in our site and do not want to miss seeing a wildcard posting. We now have an alert feature in place. It works by the program sending an email alert showing the details of the wildcard posting. This email is sent to any user who has signed up for this feature. This can be done by going to our home page and then looking on the wildcard menu bar for the Tools option...and click on it. The next page shows a box with the email address of the logged in user displayed. There is also a check box that when checked, will enable this user to receive wildcard alert messages....which is sent every 30 minutes to each user who has checked this box.

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