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We have enhanced both our User Profile Maintenance and Customer Profile Maintenance features to give control of authorized users and company information, back to our customers.

Parts Managers can now make changes to their users having access to our site.

In addition, we are also giving similar access to the dealers Company page. They will be able to make live changes without having to wait 24 hours for SL to update.

Note: These two features require a different password for a change to be made, and it will be the same for both. The parts manager will be our go to person. There is information on both of these features that should be secure and private. We ask the parts manager(s) to control/maintain his or her users of our site. Note: This secure login password will not replace the current password(s) used to login at our site. There is no change to this procedure.

We also ask that the parts manager send us an email message and request this new secure password. Once sent and setup, the parts manager will be able to login, at our User Profile Maintenance page and also at our Customer Profile Maintenance page, by using their secure login password. New parts department users who, generally, are setup by SL, will now be setup by the parts manager. This proceedure can now be done in minutes.

Note: Users needing their password sent to them will still be able to do this from our home page as there is no change to this procedure.

In additioin, changes to the Company Profile Maintenance page, such as an email address and/or OEM product lines, can now be done live instead of waiting 24 hours for SL to update the page.

We realize that a parts manager may want to authorize an assistant to help manage these tasks. This can be done by the parts manager providing the name of his or her assistant and email address, when they request their secure login. We will contact this person and set them up seperately. This person will operate under the authority of their parts manager.

Note: We have had many instances where a user(s) has left a company and continued using their existing SL login at another company, often times a competitor. We are sure that a company does not want ex employees to have access to their companys information, such as the parts departments email address, etc. We feel these new secure features will greatly enhance the security of our users. Plus, they can now be more easily controlled, such as when a user leaves the company, they can be deleted, immediately.

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