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We have found that most of our user customers who deal in equipment have a few pieces of used equipment setting on their back lot, collecting rust and dust. Each would consider dismantling this equipment and sell used parts. However most dealers will say they do not have a market for these parts because no one knows they are parting thie equpment out. Our Salvage Center (SC) can now help with this issue by letting these dealers to list these makes and models with our SC service. Its easy to do by first logging in to our online site and then clicking on the Salvage Center Maintenance link at the top of our home page. This is where you would add, delete or change SC listings. There is no extra charge for our regular user customers to use this feature and we encourage them to do so, as needed.

When entering equipment, fill out each applicable specs that applies to the truck you are listing. Ex: Electric or ICE truck. Plus, type of engine, auto or manual transmission or battery voltage, if electric. Plus, type and height of mast and any other info that will be helpful to a buying dealer. Note: When first listing a lift truck, indicate any components missing or bad for that equipment. For instance, if the electric lift’s battery is missing or an engine or upright is bad or missing then mention this in your listing.

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