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Note:Helpful feature: For companies who have their own in-house procedure to keep up with their End-User PM customers, we have what we call a Quick PM Scheduler. Users can access this program from our SL home page, under Service and then selecting Quick PM Scheduler. This feature is a way dealers can more easily schedule and maintain their PM end-users equipment under PM contract.

Note: The information found here is basic data needed to perform a scheduled PM, with the exception of PM parts information, which if needed, can be recorded and accessed in our full PM program. Note: The Quick PM Scheduler features are found on a single page, broken into three (3) sections as shown below:

User Contact

Clicking on this header will display all of your end-users that your company is regularly doing scheduled PMs. Note: You can add a new user on this page.


This Quick PM page enables user to enter the basic information needed to perform any PM. Note: from the equipment page, click on the specific Make and Model of the PM you want and repeat this process for each PM unit. Memo: Clicking on the Equipment header will display the full equipment data listings, if being maintained.

Scheduler and Report:

This is where you will enter the PM period, such as 30 or 90 days, etc and the date of the first PM to be performed on this equipment. Once done, the user can click on the Schedule Report header to display the calendar and then select the date range to be reported on. Note: Once you are familiar with this program, you will determine how far out to request a report of future PMs. However, the rule of the thumb would be about 10 days, which would enable a user to run the report on Thursday and print and review the report to see what PMs need to be performed the following week. Note: The scheduler has a field named Technician, which is the service person assigned to this PM customer, which can be easily changed. The report can be ran in Technician order or date order. Note: Once the report has been ran, the user should use the program back arrow feature to exit the report program.

Close/Complete the PM: Once the PM has been completed, the service clerk will need to enter the date the PM was performed and then click Complete, which closes the PM and resets the next PM date for that unit. Note: Repeat this process for each competed PM.

Note: To make a user in-active but not deleted, just change the Frequency to show: One Time, then blank out the Due Date and Save the record.

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